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Capture and edit screenshots in a click

Greenshot provides a really convenient and effective way to capture screenshots in addition to editing them. It has four main hotkey combinations for the different ways of recording the image you wish to capture. These are: "Impr" to capture and...
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  • by Anonymous

    GreenShot Network invirnoment. A great tool for the Standalone PC with one user in it default install. Need to copy the %appdata% files to the Program files Folder for it to be really useful in a multi-users environment such as a School computer lab where we use it. Pros: easy to use. Cons: The split install of the product, easily fixed

  • by Anonymous

    GreenShot 0.7. good screen shot does not lock up my pc like .... Ashampoo® Magical Snap ... had to remove Ashampoo® Magical Snap from my pc locked me up so bad .... give greenshot a go and you will like it ..... Pros: gets it job done .... Cons: non .....